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In Transition! Some Products Temporarily Not Available!

Posted by Don Early on

We are transitioning to a fulfillment house, ShipNaked, to ship out all our orders. That means we are boxing up the physical inventory we have for Dead.Market, and sending it ShipNaked!

So things like RPG modules and books, DVDs and BluRays, dice, CD's, mini's, etc that we had on hand, is not available until ShipNaked receives them and are ready to begin shipping.

Print on Demand and Digital products ARE still available.

If you want a DVD or BluRay in the meantime, head over to Paizo.com and purchase it there.

We are looking at restoring these items as available for sale, but they may not ship for a while. Still working that out so for now we're just disabling them.

Thanks everyone! Excited to get things more automated.


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