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Welcome to Dead.Market!

Welcome to Dead.Market!

Posted by Don Early on

Finally! A place you can find all our stuff!

This is site is intended to be a centralized place to find all things Dead Gentlemen and Zombie Orpheus. And if for some reason we can't sell it here, you can at least find where to go buy it. 

Take a look around and tell us what you think. This is the first week, so I expect there to be a few things I didn't think about. We may have to make some adjustments as we go along.

Shipping Policy Summary:

We ship out on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Please be patient in these first few weeks. Although we've tested just about everything, some things may still go wrong once we're dealing with live orders. 

Additionally this is not our daytime gig, so we will use our best efforts to get orders shipping on time, but sometimes there may be delays. We'll do our best to keep you informed. If you ever have any questions, contact us. 

Also an FAQ will be developed and published once we have some Q's to A. :)

WE ARE VERY EXCITED YOU'RE HERE! We're committed to offering just about everything DG and ZOE has made. Hopefully you'll find this very useful. And yes, you're buying directly from us.

Coming up!

There are new products coming up. Attacking the Darkness DVD and Download; JourneyQuest Season 3; a new RPG module written by Cam Banks, using the new Demon Hunters: A Comedy of Terrors system; and Print on Demand T-shirts, Hoodies, Posters, and even some DVDs! SO keep coming back! We'll showcase them here on the blog once we have more info.

Thanks again for all your support. You keep us going. You are our best marketing team. Keep sharing, keep introducing us to your friends, and even your enemies. 

We ride! To Waffles! Onward!


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